April 17th, 2024



Pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of the Third Congressional District Republican Party of Minnesota, the Third Congressional District Executive Committee hereby officially calls for the 2024 annual convention to meet.

The Third Congressional District Convention shall be composed of the delegates and alternates elected at the 2024 conventions of Senate Districts from precincts lying within the boundaries of the Third Congressional District. Delegates and alternates from those precincts are hereby called to meet at:

Wayzata Central Middle School
305 Vicksburg Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55446

Saturday April 27, 2024
Registration is open from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM
Convention convenes promptly at 11:00 AM

The Convention shall be held for the purpose of:

- Endorsing the Republican candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District
- Electing delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention in July
- Electing a Presidential Elector from the 3rd Congressional District
- Considering resolutions to propose amending the MN Republican Party Platform
- Considering a proposed amendment to the CD3 Constitution concerning Presidential Electors
- Transaction of any other business as may properly come before the convention

To view the complete Convention Call, please CLICK HERE.

To register CLICK HERE

Convention Agenda

CLICK HERE to view the Agenda

Republican Congressional Candidates Seeking Endorsement

Four conservatives are reaching out to CD3 Republicans to seek our endorsement at our April 27 convention. Potential candidates have up to June 4 to formally file their candidacy with the State.

Check out these links for more information on these candidates:

•  Tad Jude: Jude for Congress

  Brad Kohler: Bradkohler.com

  Jamie Page: Jamie Page for United States House of Representatives

  Quentin Wittrock: Quentin for Congress

The four candidates participated in a Congressional Candidates Forum in early March.  The video of that forum has had over 54,000 views.  It can be seen by CLICKING HERE. 

Candidates for Republican National Convention Delegates

Republicans wishing to be delegates to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee had to submit their applications to the Republican Party of Minnesota by March 31.  On their applications, they needed to identify their where they wanted to seek election (Congressional District convention and/or State convention and to which Presidential candidate they wished to initially be bound (Donald Trump or Nikki Haley).  

Twenty individuals indicated an intent to run at the CD3 Convention.  From those twenty, the CD3 convention will elect three delegates and three alternates.  Two delegates and two alternates will be elected from among the candidates that expressed a preference for Donald Trump and ond delegate and one alternate will be elected from those candidates that expressed a preference for Nikki Haley.

Of the twenty candidates for National Convention delegates, 18 preferred Donald Trump and two preferred Nikki Haley.  CLICK HERE to read excerpts from their applications.

Candidate for Presidential-Elector from the 3rd Congressional District

Ellen Cousins is the one applicant who applied by the April 21 deadline to be the Presidential Elector from the 3rd Congressional District.  CLICK HERE for her resume.

CD3 Convention Rules

The Convention Rules have been updated.  To view a .pdf file of the updated Convention Rules, please CLICK HERE.  

Proposed Amendment to the CD3 Constitution

(note that this is a new Article and will not replace any current language. Renumbering of Articles after this one may occur.)

Article X. Presidential Elector

For purposes of determining the Congressional District Elector-Nominee and the substitute Congressional District Elector-Nominee (as each term is used in the State Party Constitution), the candidate who receives the highest number of votes from the valid ballots cast at a convention will be elected to serve as the Congressional District Elector-Nominee for the Third Congressional District and the candidate who receives the next highest number of votes from the valid ballots cast will be designated as the substitute Congressional District Elector-Nominee.